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Offshore Associates is professional HR services based on Kerala situated at heart of Kottayam, its providing & ensuring manpower stability solutions, need of the organizations from across talent search and industries throughout Kerala & India's major cities.

Recruitment & right manpower is one of the most important part of organizations. In today's highly competitive world it is more important to get the good manpower with right skill sets for organizations to compete and grow.

Offshore Associates work done by single window view & clock run help to companies find out the right fit.

We provide our... Talent Search & Recruitment, Quality Staffing & HR Services, Training & Development, Performance Appraisal & Evaluation for a wide range of industries like Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Consumer Retail Services, Manufacturing, Media, Health &Hospitality, Entertainment, Telecom, Engineering services, Human resources, Administration, Office management, Construction, Security, Cleaning etc.

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